You must be curious who's penning all this insightful content about a city in Idaho, and why anyone would bother. Well, you've come to the correct page. Prepare to be enlightened.

The Author

Crandal Boudreaux grew up in Southwestern Louisiana but had to leave due to numerous unfortunate incidents at local daiquiri shacks. Rumors indicating that on several occasions he verbally assaulted unskilled mixologists for bastardizing with profound incompetence his fruit drink of choice are wholly true. After trying his hand as the owner of a company providing portable toilets to summer music festivals, he eventually collected enough credits from community colleges to be awarded an Associate Degree in Internet Gaming. Despite being in demand by numerous tribal casinos, Crandal decided that his true calling was to be an advocate of salmon, namely the part where you eat them. To fulfill that purpose he had to move west. When his 1981 Pontiac Bonneville dropped a tranny (the mechanical kind, not the gender bender) on the way to Seattle, he found himself stranded in Boise. After quickly discovering that Boise's climate and high level of gun ownership agreed with him, he decided to stay in the City of Trees, get himself an ugly woman with good birthing hips, and write about his fabulous new home. The result is an enviable shack on the Boise River, two hellacious children who are adept at clogging commodes, and the web site Boise the Great. Ain't life grand?

The Patron

Boise the Great is an ad-free publication. Rather than bear the total cost by himself, Crandal sought patrons of the arts to support his worthy site. After an exhaustive search in which only one person offered to give him a fifty once in a while if the site had lots of big boobs, Crandal swallowed his pride and asked his estranged biological father, Clyde Boudreaux, to support the site. Clyde, a noted Cajun philanderer who counts James Carville, Troy Landry, and PooPoo Broussard as close acquaintances, said he would take on all reasonable expenses if he was referred to as a "noted Cajun philanderer" in his bio. After a brief period of confusion during which Clyde had to clarify that a pot still and a Tokyo Massage membership would not be considered "reasonable" expenses for the operation of a first-rate Internet resource about Boise, Clyde's patronage has proven beneficial for the site. His expansive financial generosity has been directly involved in the development of many extravagant cascading style sheets and web-safe color schemes. He also provides the funds for one side of fries/tots and one cold non-alcoholic drink a week so Crandal can do restaurant reviews. His support is much appreciated.

The Content

All content is written by Crandal Boudreaux, Esq., DDS, CPM, LGBTQ. Crandal knows how to use a semicolon properly, and he wishes more people knew the difference between plural and possessive when attempting to use apostrophes. He also believes in the serial comma.

The Photos

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos are taken by Crandal Boudreaux. Some of them are pretty good.

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If you have something insightful to share, you may contact Crandal by sending an electronic missive to crandalboudreaux at that email service provided by Google.