Join me as I take a stroll through the finest art in the Boise area. Of course, my definition of art might differ from that of your average New York studio snob...

Boise's Stonehenge - A Good Place for Pagans and Hippies

I doubt they ever sacrificed virgins here, and I wouldn't use it as a calendar.

The Anchor Sperm - Try Not to Laugh When Your Kids Climb on It

If you're confused about what it represents, just sit down and ponder on it for awhile.

The Big Dandelion - Coming to a Yard Near You

It looks so real you'll want to bring your 5-gallon drum of Roundup.

Airport Teepee - Have a Pow Wow While You Wait

If you're looking for a place to sleep tonight before catching that morning flight, this structure might be a tad breezy. Not to mention you'd constantly have to hear those PA announcements about unattended baggage and parking in the White Zone.

Quack Snax - Oral Stimulation in a Strange, Colorful Way

If you can figure out what this artwork is supposed to mean, you'll be two steps ahead of me.

Vista Redneck Pond - Hosting Great Pool Parties Since 2006

At this apartment complex, safety is their number one concern. That's why they took out the diving board. And the water.

Mnemosyne and Morpheus - Boise's Dream Team

If it's been awhile since you brushed up on your Greek mythology, allow us to enlighten you.

Directions to the Buffet - How the Lewis and Clark Expedition Was Saved

Boise has its share of memorials to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This one commemorates a critical meeting on the Idaho Palouse.

Meeting of the Minds - Bad Things Happen When Owls Congregate

Don't turn your back on the owls hanging around Capitol Boulevard. They're just waiting for an opportunity to do...something.

Good Luck Sweet Cookie - Not an Ancient Chinese Secret

Settle in for a little cultural lesson about Boise's Chinese connection.

Four Sides of Boise - Which Side Are You On?

Does this look like the Boise you know or the Boise you want to know?

Elements of Idaho - A Tribute to the Good Life

What's the best thing about living in Idaho? Take your pick.

Electric Jelly - Nope, It's Not a New Lube

Don't freak out, but there are some psychedelic jellyfish in Old Boise.

Middle of Nowhere Map - No Need to Feel Lonely

Where's Boise, you ask? Right in the middle of it all. Sort of.

Cycle - Boise Through the Seasons

If you want to know what the weather's like in Boise during the year, consult this piece of art. After all, that's what Rick Lantz does.

Check Your Baggage #2 - Some Kind of Wonderland

Have you ever taken a trip that involved animals doing strange things? If so, this art is for you.

Jesus on Bongos - A Common Sight in the North End

I never knew that Jesus played an instrument until I found this painting in the North End. Now I know.

Check Your Baggage #1 - Weird and Wonderful

This piece of art is on a well traveled road, but you've got to be on foot to really appreciate the details.

Aspen Reflections - Better There Than in Your Back Yard

Nothing says "high country" like the aspen tree. Here's some artwork that captures a whole grove of them.

Arrivals and Departure - Taking the Slow Boat to No Man's Land

The next time you get delayed at the airport on the way to Europe, just be grateful that the journey by air will only take hours instead of months, and you don't have to worry about scurvy, icebergs, or the bubonic plague.

Barbed Wire Cowboy - Don't Sit Down in Them Prickly Pants

Can you think of a better way to get rid of a buttload of rusty barbed wire? I sure can't.

Bowling for Bears - The Most Fun You Can Have With Six Bruins

It's time for the salmon to have their sweet revenge.

Abe the Ogre - Sportin' the Biggest Boots Around

Everyone knows ol' Honest Abe was a tall man who did great things, so this ginormous sculpture is a fitting tribute. But what does polygamy and the KKK have to do with it?

Metal Mariachi Band - The Best Rusty Trombone in Boise

This is just another reason to love mariachi bands.

Accordion Postcard - More Than Just Black and White

If you don't like what you see, just move over a bit. And when you've seen all there is to see, you can also go pay the mayor a visit.

Grandpa's Boring Childhood - I'll Do Without the Polio, Thank You

You've probably walked past these kids a hundred times. But have you ever stopped and taken a good look at them?

The Birth Canal - Stroll Through and See What Things Were Like in the Beginning

There's a lot more to this art than you might think. For instance, if you're just dying to find out who Boise's most infamous hog killer was, you can find out here.