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Alive After Five - Where the Best Show Ain't on Stage

Alive After Five is a nearly perfect event. Held Wednesday evenings from June through September, this free downtown shindig on The Grove never fails to draw a crowd. And for good reason. Billed as a way for folks to kick back and socialize in the middle of the weekly work grind, it has a lot of good things going for it:

The best place to be on a Wednesday evening

Alive After Five would be a perfect event if they rectified two things. One: food choice. They have one or two different food sponsors every week, and if you don't happen to like whatever they're peddling, tough luck. And two: They cut it off at 8PM, which is a shame because when the music's really good and so is the beer, the party's just getting started by then. So my advice: grab something to eat on the way over, and know where you're going when it's over.

Event: Alive After Five
Where: The Grove, downtown Boise
When: Wednesdays June-Sept, 5pm-8pm
Cost: Free
Website: Downtown Boise Association
Why I love it: Beer, music, and the social scene. Sounds like fun because it is.