Boise Art

The Anchor Sperm -- Try Not to Laugh When Your Kids Climb on It

Chamber of Commerce Description

This tree-themed piece of art is the perfect compliment for the large trees in Morris Hill Cemetery and the young arboretum at Morris Hill Park. The work represents a tree seed sprouting and reaching for the sky, with the added bonus of having the base of the piece serve as a most interesting park bench. According to the City's web site, Boise-based artist Francis Fox studied tree seeds for two years before portraying his vision in bronze.

To truly appreciate the symbolism in this work, be sure to visit it in both winter and summer. In winter, the cold wind, bare tree limbs, and cemetery headstones pose a stark contrast to the concepts of life and rebirth visible in the art. In summer, the ten-foot-tall seedling, full of promise, is starting the journey undertaken by so many before it. In either case, the seedling is a distinct symbol of hope and future.

My Description

The first time I saw this piece, I thought it was a tribute to the virulence of my fellow man. Doesn't it look like a very large sperm has anchored itself to Mother Earth's fertile womb? If you're one of those folks who thinks that every obelisk, skyscraper, belltower, and flagpole is a phallic symbol, then you'll certainly agree with my observation.

I really appreciate the fact that the sperm's head is a park bench. It's nice to be able to sit a spell on the burrowing spermatozoon and bask in the sweet truth that no more of my homegrown swimmers will be finding any such purchase, thanks to the trip I took to see Dr. Marc Iseri. Nope, that's a fate reserved for some other poor sucker.

Boise-the-Great Name: The Anchor Sperm
Real Name: Sprout Bench
Type: Bronze Metalwork
Artist: Francis Fox
Completed: 2007
Where: At the north end of Morris Hill Park

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