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Doug's Burger Den - Enjoy the Sexagenarian Stew

Doug's Burger Den has some pretty cheap prices, and perhaps that explains why, at least on one particluar Saturday around noon, the place was packed with friendly ladies over 65 years in age. Sure, them folks know the value of a dollar, and these days you've got to make it stretch. I'm still puzzled, however, as to why I was so popular with these silver foxes. It couldn't be merely because I held the door open for a couple of them, could it? I think they were actually making eyes at me. One even went so far as to wink at me. When I pointed toward my ugly wife, the sexagenarian flirter simply shrugged her shoulders, as if to indicate that it was my loss. Perhaps it was.

Be that as it may, on our first visit to this particular burgershack the wife and I were able to feed ourselves and one semi-hungry child for a little over 17 bucks, which includes the extra stuff we always get just so we can diligently review a place. In a nutshell, the word on Doug's Burger Den is that it's affordable, family-friendly, and conveniently located in the heart of downtown Eagle. The food is good but not spectacular, and the portions are adequate, at least for me.

Initially, nothing really jumped out at me when I reviewed their big overhead menu, so I asked the kind gal behind the counter what she recommended.

"Well, the Den Burger is great, but my favorite is the Super Burger. It has ham and cheese on it."

"You had me at ham," I said. "Throw in a milkshake and some curly fries and you've got yourself a deal."

What puts the super in the Super Burger? You know what.

My ugly wife, as is her tendency these days, got the Swiss Mushroom Burger. I think that particular type of burger always serves her badonkadonk well. In a unanimous decision, we also decided it would be wise to get an order of their fried dill pickles, the likes of which we hadn't seen since we left Louisiana.

While the nice gal was ringing up our order, I said, "So who's Doug?"

"He's right back there," she said, motioning with her head.

"Doug is taking out the trash?" I said after seeing a man in a blue shirt going out the back door.

"Yep, that's him. He's owned this place since he was, like, 21."

After further investigation, it turns out that Doug has in fact worked at the Burger Den on a daily basis since he and his family built it back in 1992 or so. His father even runs a Burger Den in Middleton. From the look of things, Doug's working pretty hard to keep his burgershack in business, which is good. We need local entrepreneurs like him to keep this area from turning into Everywhere, USA, which I assure you has crappy hired help and even crappier food. If you don't believe me, just go to a Jack in the Box. You'll walk out feeling gravid and violated, like after an evening at the county fair.

I bet you've been wondering about those fried pickles we ordered. What, you might ask, does a fried pickle taste like? Pretty darn good, especially with a little ranch dressing. These pickles, however, were fried dill pickle spears instead of the fried slices we've had in the past. I must say the wife and I agreed the slices are better, but the spears were still a welcome and unexpected treat.

Fry anything and it's probably good.

I'm sad to report, however, that my chocolate milkshake violated Rule #7 of Crandal's Burgershack Law. The milkshake was barely suckable at the ten-minute mark. That's not so good for most of the year, but here's an idea: when August rolls around, get yourself down to Doug's, buy one of those milkshakes, and then walk across the street to the gazebo in the park. On one of our 95° summer evenings, it would definitely be deliciously suckable and refreshing after about two minutes.

Burgershack: Doug's Burger Den

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Famous for: The friendly gals behind the counter
Is it cheap? Abso-frickin-lutely
Website: None
Drive thru: Yep
Inside seating: Yep. Plenty of it.
Outside seating: Yep
Order inside: Yep
Our rating: 3 pacemakers out of 5