Burgershackin' Boise

Golden Wheel Drive-In - Two Slices Just Don't Cut It

The Golden Wheel offers a rare combination for a burgershack:

This might give an experienced burgershacker cause for concern, but one need not worry. My ugly wife and I both agreed that the food is tasty, and she even asked if we could go back some time. I told her maybe; we wouldn't want those thunder thighs to get too big, now would we?

Because the menu lacked a signature burger, I was forced to go back to that porcine siren who sings her savory song at all meals. Yes, bacon. I ordered up a bacon burger combo meal, and as you might expect my hopes for it were high. However, this is where I must remind you about Rule #3 of Crandal's Burgershack Law: If you advertise a bacon burger, it must be more than just your regular burger with two slices of bacon on it. That does NOT qualify. A burger with bacon has two slices. A bacon burger should have enough bacon on it to make you feel guilty about eating it. End of discussion.

Where's the bacon?

Now, I will admit that when I found the bacon on my burger amidst the crispy lettuce, tomato, and other fixings, I was happy with the result. But one should never have to go on a bacon hunt when eating a bacon burger. It's a good thing the crinkle-cut fries were perfect (accompanied by a tub, as they call it, of fry sauce), and the chocolate milkshake was refreshingly chocolatey and suckable. That made it possible to soldier on and devour my meal, which was fresh and not greasy at all.

As for my ugly wife, she was astounded by how good the mushroom and swiss burger was, but she was also disappointed in the onion rings. I, too, shared her disappointment. The rings were the color of chocolate cake. They're always better when they're the lovely golden color of light beer.

No need to eat in the car, my friends.

The entire area around the Golden Wheel has been changing in the past ten years, but the Golden Wheel itself remains a holdover from the 1970's. If it weren't for the new deluxe apartment buildings and strip malls going up around it today, you'd think it was 1979 again and you should really get a new leisure suit for the fondue party tonight. Thankfully, the leisure suit is gone and the Golden Wheel is still around. Sometimes things work out for the best.

Burgershack: Golden Wheel Drive-In

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Famous for: Being there
Is it cheap? You bet
Website: None
Drive thru: Yep
Inside seating: Yep
Outside seating: Yep, quite a few picnic tables in the shade
Order inside: Yep
Our rating: 4 pacemakers out of 5