Burgershackin' Boise

Hawkins Pac-Out - Say Hi to Herby and His Friends

The Hawkins Pac-Out is an old timer. It's been an institution at the base of Bogus Basin Road since 1955, serving up American favorites to many a skier headed down the hill. It's across from Greenwood's Ski Haus, and just a hop, skip, and jump from Highlands Hollow Brewhouse. So if you're in the North End, be it ski season or not, this is the burgershack for you.

 The Herby Meal in all its tasty glory 

I must admit that I was intrigued by the Herby Burger the moment I saw the cartoon depiction of Herby, the mascot of this fine culinary institution. Then I saw their signature Herby Meal. Well, who can say no to that? You get yourself a Herby Burger (1/3 lb of beef with everything on it and a cornmeal-dusted bun), large fries, and a large drink. In true burgershack fashion, you also get the always-tasty fry sauce. Yummy.

While burgershacks are known for their dirt-cheap prices, this is one case, however, where you'll have to pry open the wallet a bit. At $7.69 for the Herby Meal, one might wonder whether golden hamburger patties are included. Sometimes you have to pay for quality though. After consuming the contents of my meal, I didn't feel like I needed to jog six miles, nor did I feel my carotid artery hardening. The grub was clean and tasty.

 Who can resist such harmonious food? 

If the Herby Meal doesn't fill you up -- or if you can't afford it -- you might go for a milkshake and onion rings, both of which are fabulous according to my ugly wife. She is the expert, after all, of all things fried. You should ask her about funnel cakes.

There's no inside seating here (it IS a pac-out after all), so you'll need to sit at one of the many outside picnic tables provided, eat in the car, or take it somewhere else. If the weather's nice, my suggestion is to take it to nearby Camels Back Park for a picnic. That's about as Boise as Boise gets.

Burgershack: Hawkins Pac-Out

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Famous for: The Herby Burger
Is it cheap? Not for a burgershack
Website: None
Drive thru: Yep
Inside seating: Nope
Outside seating: Yep
Order inside: Nope
Our rating: 4 pacemakers out of 5