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Capital City Cruise - Big Engines, Bright Colors, and Carbon Monoxide

Author's Note: After a supposedly one-time move from Downtown Boise to Meridian in 2012 due to a scheduling conflict, the Capital City Cruise was supposed to return to Downtown Boise this year. I even saw a space for it on the Downtown Boise calendar. Alas, that's not going to happen, and due to ongoing construction in Downtown Meridian, The Cruise won't be held at all in 2013. At this point, all signs are that it will return to Meridian next year due to an ongoing conflict with the Twilight Criterium, which is sad. Meridian is a nice burb and all, but Meridian's Main Street just doesn't have the same gravitas as Downtown Boise. Yep, I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say The Cruise just isn't The Cruise if it ain't rolling past the Capitol dome.

The Capital City Cruise is a car show that draws gawkers and gearheads from hundreds of miles away and car owners from even farther. For one evening in early July, the streets of downtown Boise are closed off and turned into a cruise route for hundreds of shiny, turbo-charged classic cars and trucks. And it is good.

Car lovers bring the whole family and line the streets with lawn chairs so they can have a front-row seat for the three-hour event. At times, it's a scene that only American Graffiti has come close to recreating. It'll make your father weak in the knees thinking about his first car or the car he always wanted but could never afford. Maybe you've been around long enough that it'll do the same to you.

This is a very popular event, with recent years seeing an estimated 450-500 cars and 10,000 spectators. So get there early and stake out a good place along the route. But take it from me, there are three items that you mustn't forget when you head downtown.

Event: Capital City Cruise (part of Northwest Motorfest)
Where: Downtown Boise
When: Saturday July 06, 2013
Cost: Free
Website: Capital City Cruise
Fun fact: If you love fast cars and fast women, you probably find both at this event.