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Allan Cigarette Collection - Don't Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

I found this little gem while wandering through the Pioneer Tent building. It always amazes me that no matter how much I think I know this town, I can just walk around for an afternoon and always find something unique, interesting, and sometimes even bizarre.

This cigarette collection, purported to be over 1000 packets in all, is in display cases on the ground floor. It has all the usual brands from the cigarette heydays, such as Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Chesterfield, and Raleigh. It also has such beauties as:

The collection is great to peruse; it spans from the early 1800's to the present. However, I must take issue with the informative sign placed near one of the display cases. The sign indicates that it is the "World Famous Chas. Allan / Brass Lamp Cigarette Collection". Now, everyone knows that you can't hide from Google because their search engine is like Big Brother. So if the Allan Cigarette Collection is truly world famous, why does the Google know nothing about it? Just try to Google up this collection. You might find a link to this very article, but that's it. What you are more likely to find without much effort is a link to a Russian guy's website where he has cataloged his kick-ass collection of over 42,000 different unopened cigarette packs. If you ask me, that's probably a little more world famous.

Relic, Curiosity, or Collection: Chas. Allan / Brass Lamp Cigarette Collection
Where: On the ground floor of the Pioneer Tent Building, 6th and Main

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Hours: Whenever the Pioneer Tent Building is open
Cost: Free
Website: None
Fun fact: There are enough cigarettes in this collection to give cancer to an iron lung.