Boise Art

Jesus on Bongos - A Common Sight in the North End

Chamber of Commerce Description

This jewel of a painting is tucked away at the west end of O'Farrell Street in Boise's North End. It's a collage of various everyday scenes from the North End, and although there are no specific names or businesses incorporated, all of the scenes seem very familiar.

As can be expected, there are lots of folks riding bicycles, jogging, walking their dogs, and generally enjoying the neighborhoods. There are also folks enjoying the finer things in life such as coffee and ice cream. The foothills can be seen high in the background, providing lovely scenery and beckoning adventure seekers.

In the summer this mural can be a bit hard to see due to the leaves from the nearby crabapple trees. Although winter eliminates this problem, the best time to view the mural is in the spring when the crabapples are covered in pink flowers.

My Description

This is a pretty cool painting that most people probably never stop to examine. Well, I'm here to tell you it's worth a closer look, especially when you consider two of the many things I noticed about it.

No homage to the North End is complete without hippies playing music. That's why there's a hippie who looks like Jesus playing a bongo drum in this painting. Jesus is seemingly hovering over the Boise Foothills, letting his good vibes cascade over the entire North End. Peace, bro.

This mural also features Hank and Peggy Hill, known for their starring roles in the Fox animated series King of the Hill. The two Texas love birds are touring the North End neighborhood, taking pictures of the Subarus and eating the North End's finest ice cream. Sadly, Bobby Hill is nowhere to be seen. He probably sneaked off to Goody's for some fudge.


Boise-the-Great Name: Jesus on Bongos
Real Name: Unknown
Type: Wall Painting
Artist: Rick Friesen
Completed: 2004
Where: South side of the the brick building at 13th and O'Farrell St. currently occupied by McClendon Engineering

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