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Metal Mariachi Band - The Best Rusty Trombone in Boise

Chamber of Commerce Description

Assembled in the rocky strip between parking areas, this five-piece metal mariachi band is a perfect greeting for hungry customers at the Chapala on Glenwood, across from Memorial Stadium.

Amazingly lifelike from afar, these masterpieces of metallurgy only reveal their true personalities when closely inspected. Up close, you'll be amazed at the details, from their hats to their belts to their sandals.

If you listen closely, you might think you can hear these happy musicians singing old Mexican favorites such as Guadalajara, El Coyote, Enterradora, and, of course, Cucaracha and Bamba. What you're probably hearing, however, is the real mariachi band that is often playing inside. They're a little bit more flexible than their metal counterparts, and they also take requests.

My Description

You know the best part about Mexican restaurants? The mariachi band. I'll admit it; I love them. As long as the food and the music is good, I don't care if it's a gimmick. I especially love the nylon string guitars and the high-pitched cry/whine that the mariachi singers do all the time. It makes me feel like I'm back in Tijuana getting another tattoo on my buttcheeks. One of these days I'm going to throw my ugly wife a birthday party and I'm going to hire a mariachi band to provide the entertainment. Our neighbors will love that. All we'll be missing is a case of Negra Modelo, a few bottles of tequila, and a Fabio piñata. But I think I can track those items down without much problem.

Anyway, about the art -- I'd love to have one of these in my office at home, but the wife would probably just call it junk and try to throw it away like the mother did with the leg lamp in A Christmas Story. She can't appreciate fine art like this. I especially love the fact that there are convenient nooks around the trumpet player's midsection where you can give him real stones. That's charming. There's probably a slot for a carrot or a similarly-shaped object as well, and every time I visit this restaurant I check to see if the neighborhood kids have been up to no good in that way. So far I've always been disappointed, but sooner or later, just like every snowman, he'll grow one mysteriously and my faith in childish humor will be restored.

Name: Metal Mariachi Band
Type: Metalwork
Where: Chapala on Glenwood
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