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Morris Hill Park -- Approved by Kids, Canines, and Goose Hunters

Morris Hill Park is a fairly new park that isn't just for kids. Due to a variety of amenities, this park has something for kids, canines, art lovers, picnickers, sunbathers, recreationists, geese, and cemetery gawkers. Sound interesting? Yeah, well so is the park.

As you might've guessed, Morris Hill Park is right next to Morris Hill Cemetery, which is Boise's most desirable resting place and counts the likes of J.R. Simplot and Frank Church as its residents. The park is to the south of the cemetery and is separated by a canal, but if you care to, you can still sit on a bench and take a gander at some of the headstones and large trees while your kids play on the park's modern and super-cool playground equipment.

Morris Hill Park doesn't have the largest playground equipment or the most structures, but what it does have are interesting enough to keep any curious rugrat entertained for quite some time. The main piece of equipment features a series of large suspended rings that aren't as easy to climb through as your kids might think they should be.

This structure also features what I call the tongue slide, because, well, it looks like it was inspired by Gene Simmons. In fact, from the pictures I've seen, I think it's a full scale reproduction of Simmons' most famous attribute. Just when I think we're babying kids these days with too many safety features and such, they come out with a slide that has no sides. They've definitely come a long way from the tornado slides and swingsets that we old timers had growing up. A lot of these newfangled playground contraptions require a little strength, a little thought, and a whole lot of coordination to master. Bravo to the City of Boise for installing them. Say it with me: Today's kids don't know how good they've got it. Now go adjust your adult diaper and pop out your dentures.

As nice as the equipment is, perhaps the most popular aspect of this park is the fenced one-acre dog park that's in the southeast corner. Linger on a park bench for even a short period of time and you'll notice a steady stream of dogs and dog owners walking the concrete path that leads from the parking lot to the veritable doggie valhalla.

If you're not a dog person, don't worry. The dog area is far enough away from everything else so you don't have to worry about noise or odor issues. However, you'll still need to be constantly on the lookout for Mississippi leg hounds, which have been known to wander away from their owners and do their business on the lower extremities of unsuspecting children and parents. Remember, if they do lay into you, it's best to just let them finish.

The park has a shelter for summer picnics and birthday parties, as well as two horseshoe pits and a large open area for volleyball, croquet, cricket, cornhole and the like. The City also planted a large variety of tree species in the park to create an arboretum. So if you've ever wanted to know what a swamp white oak looks like, count your blessings and thank Dave Bieter.

A walking path circles the entire park area, with a notable piece of tree-themed art also serving as a neat bench. Be careful walking around on the nice grass, though. Sadly, due to the park's proximity to the vast expanses of grass in the large nearby parks and the neighboring cemetery, expect to see (and step in) plenty of goose crap deposited by Boise's #1 scourge. The City prevented any kind of dog poop problem by giving the dogs their own area, but for some reason they still can't find a way to beat the geese. Sad.

Where: 10 Roosevelt St

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When: Year round
Age range: All ages
Picnic tables: A few spread here and there.
Swings: One set
Bathrooms: Yes; open only for the summer season
Other amenities: Open play area (grassy area), drinking fountain, park benches, 2 horseshoe pits, dog park, walking path
Parking: A small parking lot is available, as well as on-street parking on Roosevelt Street.
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