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Boise River Float - The Best Way to Chill Your Buns on a Hot Day

Floating the Boise River might be the quintessential Boise summer event. In what other urban area can you and thousands of other likeminded river rats float for a couple of hours through a tree-secluded riverine corridor without fear of toxic flesh rot, knife-wielding ruffians, or large discarded kitchen appliances? Nowhere that we know of. It's a bit of wild Idaho brought into the city we love. It's an easy reminder of why you live here or why you're visiting. And despite the perceived seclusion, you're never more than a stone's throw from concrete or asphalt. It's the best of both worlds.

Boise River traffic jam

If you're visiting at the right time of year (usually around the middle of June, weather-permitting, until Labor Day), our advice is to get yourself a small inflatable boat and go do it. The route starts at Barber Park, on the far eastern side of town, and it's about a two-hour float to the take-out point in Ann Morrison Park. If you don't have a raft handy, you can rent one at Barber Park. If you don't have two vehicles, there's a shuttle you can take back to Barber Park from the take-out point.

The float offers plenty of time to sit back and relax. But here are some things that are helpful to know:

The take-out point in Ann Morrison Park

Activity: Boise River float
Where: The Boise River (duh) from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park.
When: Mid June through Labor Day. You'll want it to be hot, hot, hot!
Cost: You'll have to pay to park a vehicle at Barber Park and pay to rent a raft or other supplies you don't have. The float itself is free.
Website: City of Boise Floater Info
Why I love it: It's Idaho in a nutshell: clean, wild fun that few other cities in the world can match.