Snapshots of Boise

Drunk and Disorderly? - Yes and Yes

What's a good festival without a few good drunk-and-disorderly arrests by Boise's Finest?

This poor chap was seen outside of the Barley Brothers Traveling Beer Show in Ann Morrison Park. Judging from the proximity to the city's premier beer show, I can only guess that he and his do-rag-wearing buddy had been joining in the spirit of the event and then got a bit lippy and/or uncooperative with the bicycle cops who were keeping a look out for anything untoward.

At least, that's what I like to think happened. In truth, these two lads probably couldn't afford the $25 fee to partake in the festival libations, so they were probably drinking Hamm's down by the water and watching the bikini-clad ladies who were finishing a good day of floating the river. Then they probably got a bit too lippy when asked to stop being so pervy.

Either way, it made for a good show.