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World's Largest Potato - We're Gonna Need a Bigger Oven

Let's give it up for reinforcing stereotypes. Every time I think we as a state are past the whole 'Idaho Potatoes' thing, the Idaho Potato Commission comes up with something to keep the rest of the country thinking we're nothing but a bunch of spud-farming hill people who don't wear shoes or enunciate. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the world's largest potato!

Just to get an idea how large this baby is, consider this: It takes a whole semi trailer to haul the steel and concrete monstrosity, and it would take more than 10,000 years to grow a real potato that big. Based on those figures, I figure it would take a potato gun the size of the US Bank Building to launch it. Wouldn't that be fun.

Yes, it's true that Idaho produces more potatoes than any other state, and it's also true that they're supremely tasty if you add the right amount of butter, sour cream, chives, bacon, and cheese on them. I'll admit that. But I'd like my family back East to be able to picture something other than potatoes when they think of me.

If you're going to be known for something, it should at least be shady enough to make you infamous. The state of Nevada is associated with whores sex workers, which is cool. The state of Utah is associated with polygamy, which is weird. All Idaho has is potatoes. Starchy, knobby potatoes. Sad.