Snapshots of Boise

What Cowgirls Need - It Surely Ain't Privacy

Here's a local gal who knows what she likes and ain't afraid to ask for it. Publicly. On the back of her SUV that quite possibly is hauling around five children from five failed marriages to various bareback riders, backdoor buckaroos, and lusty cowpokes.

Yes, before Facebook was the place where certain individuals told friends, family, and current/potential employers way too much, the bumper sticker was all some folks had to publicly proclaim their bad judgement. I miss those days, because the internets have given us a whole new view into people's sordid/assinine/racist opinions, and it really ain't pretty. Not at all. In the old days, you had to seek out a person's vehicle to confirm they were sporting a Bush-Quayle sticker, or you had to have the bad luck to be trapped behind them in traffic, as was the case with me and our More-Than-8-Seconds lady. But it would end with that. Now you can type a name into a search engine and get a never-ending litany of questionable decisions, and all you can do is hope the stuff at the top doesn't set off a red flag for the FBI.

Ride on, cowgirl. Ride on.