Snapshots of Boise

Whole Lotta Crack - Yep, Cracklin' Rosie Makes Me Smile


Take a second and try to remember the last time you saw an asscrack this special. Or if you're like me, perhaps you've never seen one this prestigious on a female subject, even though you might've worked the morning shift at Denny's.

Normally you'd expect such a sight when you've got a blocked commode, or when your father-in-law is in town. On the other hand, the sight of this tremendous crack at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic would be enough to take anyone by surprise, including me. I think I can say without much exaggeration that you could've stuffed KBOI Sports Reporter Troy Oppie in that crack and still had room for a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. And a Baby Ruth.

As impressive as the crack itself is, an amazing thing happened when I closed one eye and zoomed in on the pertinent portion of the picture. It appears that our unidentified subject has a tattoo on her posterior. Or rather, she has two of them, one on each cheek.

This got me wondering if Cracklin Rosie is the subject's nickname, or if the left cheek is named Cracklin and the right is named Rosie. If it's the latter, that's one of the most astoundingly funny things I've ever seen.