Snapshots of Boise

High Art - It Must Be Abstract or Something

Sometimes good photos are the result of a very interesting set of circumstances. Such is the case with these two semi-punk lasses who set up shop on top of Camel's Back Park during the Hyde Park Street Fair. At first I thought they had climbed to that lofty perch to paint the hippie scene below them, or maybe the Boise skyline with the desert behind it. Such a prominent spot would work well for that.

I was sorely disappointed. A closer inspection proved they had summoned the muse to paint, well, something beyond my comprehension. Abstract art perhaps. In some ways it reminded me of some old paintings I made with my butt cheeks a few years ago.

I've looked at their canvas for a long time now and I still can't figure out what they were going for, although I'm sure the finished product was nothing short of spectacular, just like their colored hair. I'm sure the view had something to do with that, even if it was merely an indirect sort of inspiration.

Oh, and by the way, those paintings I made with my derriere are available for sale, just in case you were wondering.