Snapshots of Boise

Jesus Freak on 8th Street - Am I the Only One Who Enjoys Them?

There's nothing like a self-important Jesus freak to liven up the party. This one was seen at 8th and Main while the Twilight Criterium was occurring. Sadly, no one was listening to this guy, even though he had gone the extra mile to broadcast his voice with a microphone and portable amplifier. The step stool was also a nice touch, allowing him to appear as if he's preaching from on high.

I find it interesting that no one around these parts ever stops and listens to these guys, and yet they just keep coming back a-preachin'. As for me, I'm drawn to them like a pack of dogs to a three-legged cat. As you might guess, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the unintelligible drivel they're spewing. First, I just love to stop at a distance and watch the people trying to ignore them. Then, if I'm in the right mood, I love to move right in and give them a good taunt or two. They love that. I told this guy that Tito Jackson was God's favorite Jackson child. He then proceeded to flip through his book to find a biblical retort as I slipped away and continued my search for a suitable adult beverage.

There was an old Jesus freak affectionately named Mad Max where I was supposed to be going to college. He'd show up on the campus frequently and spew all kinds of interesting stuff about how Bill Clinton (who was president at the time), the Pope, and lesbians were all in trouble with God. He'd draw big crowds of hecklers, and he'd never fail to inform them that they were all Christ rejectors and truth neglectors. Man, those were good times. What if we could have a little of that magic here in Boise? Wouldn't that be fantastic?

So the next time you see one of these guys in Downtown Boise, stop and offer up a few statements of your own. It makes things a whole lot more interesting.