Snapshots of Boise

MacGyver Was Here - Saving the Day Like Always


I'm fond of saying that MacGyver can fix anything if he has some duct tape and baling wire, but after seeing this car repair I've been forced to amend my opinion. To wit:

MacGyver can fix anything if he has some duct tape, baling wire, or black bungee cord.

It's a shame that MacGyver has fallen on hard times and is now driving a red late-model subcompact in Boise, Idaho. But he still has that same ingenuity he's always had, and a bumper-ripping accident on the streets of Boise can never keep our man or his car down. I give him extra points for his creative use of a wad of paper towels to keep the hard rubber from scratching the top of his hood where the bungee cord is anchored. Bravo, Mr. MacGyver. Peter Thorton and the rest of the Phoenix Foundation are proud of you.