Snapshots of Boise

Deluxe Molester Van - Terrifying Parents Since 1977

Wow. There are molester vans, and then there are extra-long super-sweet molester vans like this one seen recently in Meridian. I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say I've lived in apartments that were smaller than the business end of this baby.

If you were a cop on patrol and you saw this thing driving around, how could you not pull it over and perform a search? The size of the van plus all the telltale molester-van traits are probable cause times 1000. There's probably a whole Boy Scout camp in there.

I especially love the Sprint privacy curtain visible through the front windshield, along with the sweet ceiling vent that gives all the illicit steaminess a way to escape from the van's friendly confines. I bet there's a waterbed in the back, or at least a couple sets of bunk beds.

I also like the fact that it's from the 2C. Seems about right.

All jokes aside, this thing is terrifying and should be impounded immediately.