Snapshots of Boise

North End Stonehenge - You Could Have One Too

Everyone knows that a lot of the folks who live in the North End of Boise are, well, different. They love granola and Dave Bieter. They shop at the Boise Co-op. They ride their bikes a lot. And they're creative and artistic.

If you own a house, the chances are good that you also own a fence that surrounds the property. For most of us, that fence is of the six-foot cedar picket variety, with the bottom of the 4x4 posts sunk in concrete. But what happens when a fence post breaks at the ground level? Or worse, what happens when you want to remove that fence and replace it with a free range area for urban chickens? That's right -- you've got to deal with those damn posts. We've all been there.

In such a case, most folks gird their loins and lower backs, dig the concrete-wrapped post bottoms out of the ground, and cart them off to the Hidden Hollow Landfill. But not this creative North Ender. If your yard gives you lemons, make lemontinis. If it gives you big chunks of cylindrical concrete, make North End Stonehenge. Gotta love it.