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Larry Craig's Biggest Fan - Unashamed or Fashion Statement?

Do you know the worst thing about political bumper stickers? It's that some people don't seem to think they have an expiration date. How many Kerry-Biden or McCain-Palin stickers have you seen lately? If you pay attention to such things, the answer is probably more than zero, which is way, way too many. Those people need to get over it because they're living like Uncle Rico, trying to throw footballs over mountains. I've also seen way too many Bush-Cheney stickers lately. Sad.

Here's a friendly suggestion from your pal Crandal. When the party's over, take those dumb pieces of advertising off your cars. If you don't, you're either making a statement that you're a sore loser or a sore winner, and nobody likes either, especially when you're pimping a politician who doesn't really give a crap about you.

Case in point: I recently saw an old pickup truck with a bumper sticker that says Pro-Timber Pro-Larry Craig. I'm sure back in the day that this bumper sticker made some grand statement about protecting Idaho's interests and all that crap. I'm not sure when that was, but I feel pretty safe in speculating that it was at least 20 years and numerous bathroom handjobs ago.

In light of everything that happened with our dear friend Mr. Craig, this bumper sticker takes on a whole new meaning now. Yes, we're well aware that Mr. Craig is pro-timber. As a Minnesota bathroom proved, he couldn't get nearly enough wood to save his job, and the fact that some old timer still sees Larry as a credible politician is sad and very funny at the same time. I guess even a hypocritical pervert can be still be a hero to someone.

BTW: Does it surprise you that Larry's biggest fan is from the 2C?