Snapshots of Boise

The SHAT - Something You Probably Can't Get at the Mall

One of my hobbies is taking pictures. And when your hobby is taking pictures, you take a lot of them. The downside to this fact is that I've got to go through all of them afterwards and see which ones are good and which ones are crappy. I get a few good ones now and then, but most of them turn out to be crappy. This makes looking through them all an unwelcome task. Occasionally, however, I get a really nice surprise.

While looking through a set of photographs I took while on a train ride along the Payette River, something caught my eye. There was a photograph of a family on the other side of the river enjoying a nice late-summer afternoon, a daughter waving and her mother taking a picture of the train. The father was standing near the river playing with the family dog. For some reason I was drawn to the father's red hat. When I zoomed in on the hat I figured out why. It seems he was wearing a SHAT.

I wonder if he only wears that hat when he's recreating, or if that's his favorite hat and he wears it while grocery shopping or picking up a few things at Home Depot. It's certainly a classic. Anybody know where I can get myself one?