Boise Traffic Box Art

Arrivals and Departure - Taking the Slow Boat to No Man's Land

This travel-themed artwork is located in the heart of the 8th Street corridor, right at the corner of 8th and Bannock.

I like the use of cool colors and fog to create a dark, dreary mood that matches the uncertainty of late 19th century boat travel. The next time you get delayed at the airport on the way to Europe, just be grateful that the journey by air will only take hours instead of months, and you don't have to worry about scurvy, icebergs, or the bubonic plague.

The location of this work is a bit of a double-edged sword. Sure, a lot of folks can potentially see it because of its prime location on the Eight Street Corridor, but the excessive traffic also overexposes it to urban hazards such as stickers, graffiti, and urine sprays from passing Great Danes and vagrants. But seeing as it has managed to remain in pretty decent shape for a few years, I think the artist will gladly trade the occasional washable defacing for a chance to be seen.

Name: Arrivals and Departure
Artist: Erin Ruiz
Where: 8th and Bannock