Boise Traffic Box Art

Aspen Reflections - Better There Than in Your Back Yard

Nothing says "high country" like the aspen tree. At their native elevation, the summer wind blows grey-backed aspen leaves from side to side, providing a shivering or quaking effect. In autumn, the aspen's bright colors draw sightseers up from Boise and beyond. This painting captures the yellows and oranges of a fall day in an aspen grove, with the gray tree trunks foreshadowing the coming of a dark and long mountain winter.

Enjoy this work of art, but do us a favor, folks. Please don't get any ideas about replicating this scene in your suburban Boise back yard. Many have tried, and all have failed. The apens might grow quickly at first and look all nice, but they will die in less than ten years. For more information about why this happens, please consult your biomes handbook, paying particular attention to the differences between the desert and the subalpine forest.

Name: Aspen Reflections
Artist: Randall Lee Brown
Where: 11th and Main