Boise Traffic Box Art

Elements of Idaho - A Tribute to the Good Life

This piece brings together many of Idaho's best natural qualities. Fish, trees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are the major symbols, but the artist also includes Idaho's nightime sky. People don't often think of sky and stars as an aspect of Idaho's beauty, but if you get away from the glare of town lights, Idaho is as good a place as any to appreciate the dark and wide expanse above us.

I especially like the fact that if you hunker down so that this artwork is in the foreground and the Idanha Building is in the background, you get a cool juxtaposition of natural beauty against manmade beauty, which seems to sum up the city of Boise. In fact, that very juxtaposition is the reason so many of us live here.

Name: Elements of Idaho
Artist: Mary Butler
Where: 10th and Main