Boise Traffic Box Art

Meeting of the Minds - Bad Things Happen When Owls Congregate

Whoever knew that owls could be devilish creatures? Well, in this piece of Downtown art they most definitely are, thanks to the excellent use of the color red. And we mustn't forget those wide, bright-white eyes, which seem to stare you down as you walk by. Yep, these owls are definitely up to something, as the art's title suggests. But what evil deeds are they dreaming up? That's most certainly in the mind of the beholder.

Personally, I think they're formulating a plan to descend on Humpin' Hannah's and screech lyrics along with Rocci Johnson during her Friday night performance. If that's the case, they're really, really evil, because one screaming banshee is more than enough.

Name: Meeting of the Minds
Artist: Jeremy "Jerms" Lanningham
Where: Capitol and Front