Boise Traffic Box Art

Mnemosyne and Morpheus - Boise's Dream Team

At first glance, it's clear this piece is a representation of a Greek mosaic. What's not so clear is what the name of the art means, and how that name relates to the work itself.

So here's your lesson in Greek mythology for the day. Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory and remembrance, and she is said to represent to some extent the vast rote memorization that was required by storytellers before writing and books were invented. Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams, who would often serve as a messenger of the gods to kings or other prominent mortals.

So with those descriptions in mind, one could say that this piece is an homage to memory and the part it plays in determining the whims and fantasies that appear to us every night in our sleep. The mosaic style of the art reinforces the fragmented nature of those dreams and how on the surface they can be interpreted many different ways. Of course, if it's Freud interpreting those dreams, there's got to be a penis in there somewhere, but as of yet I still haven't found it. Let me know if you find it before I do.

Name: Mnemosyne and Morpheus
Artist: Anna Webb
Where: 6th and Idaho