Boise Traffic Box Art

Quack Snax - Oral Stimulation in a Strange, Colorful Way

I've got to admit two things about this artwork. First, I love the name. Second, it's really weird.

After thinking long and hard about the greater meaning of having a human head -- with the mouth region cross-sectioned -- on a duck's body, surrounded by food items such as a hamburger, ice cream cone, donut, and pizza slice, I gave up and admitted to myself that in this case thinking long is thinking wrong. In fact, you'll probably go insane if you try to attribute symbolic meaning to human musculature and salivary glands.

That notion is only reaffirmed when you admire the partially cross-sectioned duck's head on the other side, with the cap making it resemble Donald Duck. Yep, this is definitely one of those pieces where you commend the artist on his vision (however warped that might be) and resist letting your mind wander. But then again, a person could come up with some pretty interesting interpretations...

Name: Quack Snax
Artist: Bryan Moore
Where: 5th and Idaho