No couch potatoes here! If you're a dude or dudette who likes to get in the game, here are your best bets. And if them there muscles don't stretch like they used to, I'll even provide the Bengay, because getting old sucks.

Ice Blocking Down Simplot Hill - Slip and Slide at J.R.'s Place

If your butt will fit on a block of ice, there's good fun waiting for you at the greenest hill in town.

Live Horse Racing at Les Bois Park - Ten Furlongs of Fun

If you've got some cash in your pocket and you feel a lucky streak a-comin', the ponies are waiting for you. A few well-placed bets and they just might start calling you The Colonel.

Auto Racing at Meridian Speedway - Where Tailgating Is an Art

If you think the morning commute on I-84 is crazy, wait until you see the way these guys drive. They make Ricky Bobby proud.

Paddle Boats in Julia Davis Park - You Won't Get Sold Down the River

If you want to go for this boat ride you'll have to work for it. But don't worry; it's just like riding a bike.

Boise River Float - The Best Way to Chill Your Buns on a Hot Day

If the river's open for floating, it's time to channel your inner Huckleberry Finn and let the current carry you downstream. When the Boise heat gets to 98, there's no better place to be.

Geocaching the Boise Area - The Safest Way to Find Booty These Days

If you can get your hands on a GPS device, great treasure and adventure await you! No peg leg or scurvy necessary.

Snowshoeing the Boise Area - Yet Another Good Way to Freeze Your Butt Off

Ever wonder how French-Canadian beaver trappers covered so much ground in the winter? It didn't involve horses or Yukon Jack.

Disc Golf in the Boise Area - A Good Time Whether You're Shirtless or Not

You don't need a caddy or a country club membership to play this kind of golf, just a small frisbee and some wading shoes. A Baby Ruth is completely optional.